Source Separation with an Acoustic Vector Sensor for Terrestrial Bioacoustics
Irina Tolkova and Holger Klinck.
Published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (2022).

Screening of Parkinson’s Disease Using Geometric Features Extracted from Spiral Drawings
Jay Chandra, Siva Muthupalaniappan, Zisheng Shang, Richard Deng, Raymond Lin, Irina Tolkova, Dignity Butts, Daniel Sul, Sammer Marzouk, Soham Bose, Alexander Chen, Anushka Bhaskar, Sreekar Mantena, Daniel Z Press.
Published in Brain Sciences (2021)

Parsing Birdsong with Deep Audio Embeddings
Irina Tolkova*, Brian Chu*, Marcel Hedman*, Stefan Kahl, Holger Klinck.
Published in IJCAI 2021 Workshop on AI for Social Good (2021).

Feature Representations for Conservation Bioacoustics: Review and Discussion
Irina Tolkova.
Published in IJCAI 2020 Workshop on AI for Social Good (2021).

Spatial, Interannual, and Generational Sources of Trait Variability in a Marine Population
Lorenzo Ciannelli, Irina Tolkova, Robert Lauth, Patricia Puerta, Thomas Helser, Alix Gitelman, and Grant Thompson.
Published in Ecology (2019).

Automatic Classification of Humpback Whale Social Calls
Irina Tolkova, Lisa Bauer, Antonella Wilby, Ryan Kastner, and Kerri Seger.
Published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 141, #5 (2017)

Classification of Animal Movement Behavior Through Residence in Space and Time
Leigh G. Torres, Rachael A. Orben, Irina Tolkova, and David R. Thompson.
Published in PloS one 12, #1 (2017)

* indicates equal contribution